Engineering at Otovo 🏗

That post with the first year learnings from a PM

Hi, I’m Ida, the product manager (PM) on the Product Platform team. In this post I’ll share three things I learned during my first year as a PM at Otovo – the energy company of the future!

First things first: Yes the people are great. All super competent, engaged and lovely! Otovo does not hire a**holes. Now to business:


Why we ditched our BFF and went for Next.js

At Otovo, we’ve been using the last couple of home office months to do some technical improvements: Tailwind, Django 3.0, Vercel, and Next has been on our radar for a while. In this article, I’ll let you know why the latter made us ditch our BFF.

Best friend you say? If you, like me, grew up in the 90s, the term BFF has probably only one meaning in your head: Best Friends Forever. In the last couple of years however, the microservice community has put an effort into claiming and rebranding this term as Backend For Frontend.


Using PostgreSQL 10 with PostGIS on Travis CI

Today I needed to fix our Travis CI setup to use PostgreSQL to ensure we run the same version of PostgreSQL in production as well as in our test suite.

Travis provides all PostgreSQL versions that are available in the PostgreSQL official APT repository, so we had the packages we needed.

But, the documentation is a bit lacking, as the packages and setup differs slightly from the default 9.6 database Travis CI provides you with.

So here is the step-by-step guide to running PostgreSQL 10 with PostGIS 2.4 on Travis.